The Aussie Trek Board game®

Hi and Welcome The Aussie Trek board game is quirky and a whole lot of fun to play. The Trekkers Club is for all to join and enjoy. There will be some surprises, gift ideas and trivia quizzes to participate in.Join us and find out how.

For Your Information

This board game is available to all. The Intellectual Property, including registered Australian trademark, associated with this board game may be available to purchase. Please contact the website owners on +61 0408 069 984 if you, or someone you know, may be interested in purchasing this intellectual property.

The Aussie Trekkers club

When you join the Trekkers Club you will be able to get some great travel ideas, some frugal ways to travel around our country as well as some tips on caravanning in general. As the website is new, the club is also new, and you could create history by becoming the first to join up!